Criss Cross at the Wedding

Hello beautiful people
Lets talk about weddings, this is one of best moments anyone can get in this life. Being with the you love flaunting your love in front of everyone feels awesome. Gaddamnit this day oh Lord! I long for this day😄. I always picture this day in my crazy mind yes I know said crazy don’t panic am not crazy😆.

I decided to do a wedding outfit so I took maxi dress to another whole new level making it unique and amazing. I went for criss-cross back showing of my Dark back yes Dark am a MelaninQueen remember. It has Pockets on the sides where I’d put my phone Cuz honestly Am a phone addict most of us are so don’t get it twisted🤗 so wherever I go it goes. The dress is comfy easy to wear you can even run in it haha you heard me right running!
I went for my fav Black heels to complete my look. Yay am so loving it.

Thanks for Stopping by
Stay Blessed

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